Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And another thing...!!!

  • Problem: On my way home on Monday I saw a sign pointing west that said "Tour de Donut". I got really excited, envisioning some kind of fun summer event where you walk around orem, provo, etc. and sample unique donuts from little mom and pop shops. Charming right? Its a bike race with donuts at the water stations...and as if that is not disappointing enough, the sign was old and the race was already done.
  • Solution: I decided that I want to set up a REAL "tour de donut" and go sample REAL donuts from cute little bakeries. I'm thinking like one Saturday morning a month, try out a new place. If anyone wants to join my REAL tour de donut or has donut manufacturers to suggest, let it be known.

That's all right now....

Thursday, May 17, 2012


It has been a while since I posted so here is a flash summary of what's been happening...

  • I now have a grown up job (aka full time with insurance and stuff I still don't understand, but that make me feel mature). I'm the aquatic boss over at South Jordan. The best part of all this is that I can now put my fancy business cards in the Cafe Rio drawing box. Haven't won any free pork yet, but soon...very soon!
  • I got engaged in September 2011. Cleo asked me outside in my parent's back yard as we were taking a break from making a little waterfall to suprise my mom. It was night and I have no idea why, but fireworks just happened to be going off in the valley which we had a pretty awesome view of.
  • Cleo and I started looking for housing and decided we wanted to buy. On Friday the 13th of Jan. we closed on our townhouse. Since I was living at home and Cleo had a few weeks left in his apt. we tried to get as much painting done before we moved in....but pretty much the whole house needed it. Almost everything was yellow...not one of my favorite colors.

  •  In Feb. we got married and then went to NYC for our honeymoon. I got a totally authentic louis vutton handbag from some nice gentlemen in china town. I think Cleo might value the purse more than I do because "we risked our lives" to get it or something overly dramatic like that. Sure...the guys were as big as shaq but alleys aren't really as scary as in the movies. heh. We also checked "going to Serendipity" off my bucket list. Their frozen hot chocolate is amazing.

  •  We adopted a hamster from my Brother Tyler. One of his hamsters had babies so I picked the crazest one and named her Spazzy-Pants. A few days later I took Cleo to pick out his bday gift, a new kitty. Her name is Tonks and lives in a cupboard under our stairs...and is currently attempting to sprawl out and sleep on my keyboard. Lovely.

  • I'm in love with pinterest and am starting house decorating projects like a mad woman. I don't think I'll post photos this time...the craftiness deserves its own post I think.
  • Next week is Cleo's last week at Big 5. He's been with them over five years now, but he's going back to school full time and that just doesn't work with his schedule as a manager. Its also a bit far to drive for only part time hours and pay so he's going to start looking for a nearby school friendly job soon.
That's all folks...I'm exhausted....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Episode iv: A New Post

Hello everybody. I'm posting again with a few new things that entertain me.

#1: New Projects

This is my old/new entertainment center. I got it on KSL after a chain of events that landed me with a new big tv, which no longer fit in my old entertainment center. The left is what it looked like when I got it and the right is after spray painting it. I really like it.

My next project has to do with my old entertainment center. We were going to yard sale it, but when I was clearing it off to haul it upstairs I was all bummed out because it fits really well right in this area of the living room that is kinda narrow and weird. I've always wanted to put a desk there and as I was looking at it....inspriation came.

This is the entertainment center (or the paint version) that is now too small. And this is what I plan to do with it...

Steve took it apart last night for me and the desk is the perfect size and height for my office chair and that little weird area in the living room. I'm going to paint it green and white, I think. The bottom section I might paint and put in my room for my record player and booket, etc. We'll see.

#2: The DRIVE-IN!!!!

Yeah, I like movies, but unless I'm with Cleo I don't go to the theater that often. The drive-in is totally different though. I would go every night if we had one closer, but I plan on going to the one linked to above every chance I get this summer. Tuesday is Rango and Thor!

#3: Kid History

Internet Explorer keeps shutting down on me so I'm going to wrap this up event though more things entertain me. But watch kid history, quote it to friends, etc.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Day 8: A song to match your mood.

Its early...this is kinda chill. I like it.

Also this video is hilarious:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bubble Girl

I'm taking a brief break from the 30 posts thing to bring you this awesomeness....

You're welcome.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 7

Day 7: Your Dream Wedding

Well someone...actually many people now, stole my dream wedding. I came up with it way before any of them and somehow they stole it from my mind. Idea thiefs.

Maybe it was like in inception....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 6

Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

I love bengal tigers...a lot. While I appreciate that BYU has a wild cat as a mascot, I secretly wish I could go to a school that had the bengal tiger instead. They are HUGE and awesome. Of course if I had one as a pet, in a perfect world, it would like me and only attack my may also stay a cub forever...I can't decide if I'd like that or not cause the big ones look cool too.

Oh...I was supposed to be realistic? Well then I would like to have this little guy as a pet: